Apple: Everything we currently know about the iPhone 12!

iphone 12

The iPhone 12, which will be launched in 2020, is of course already under development and the first rumors based on information leaks are circulating. What will Apple’s next smartphone look like?

We’ve put together everything that’s already known – or advanced – about the next generation of iPhone. The news, apparently, will be many!

Although the iPhone 11 was announced a few weeks ago, Apple is already developing the next generation of its smartphone. Thus, the first discoveries concerning the work done in Cupertino begin to be unveiled. The latest information from the international press points to a radical change in the iPhone 12!

iphone 12

You may not have a notch, but without relinquishing Face ID and TrueDepth camera

Instead of following the design line that is present in current products since the iPhone X, Apple will follow the path of Android competition! Nowadays a good part of the competition tops no longer has to notch, or only has a droplet notch. Apple is preparing an offensive in this regard by implementing a feature that is already present in the iPad Pro.

The next generation of Apple’s smartphone, according to this information, will retain all the authentication attributes it now has. However, these will be located in a slim frame above the screen, not notch. Something already present in iPad Pro!

The change in design will greatly change the iPhone and bring it closer to the level currently in the Android market. More importantly, it will be possible to accomplish this without having to backtrack on the embedded technology.

Will follow the design line of the current iPad Pro and iPhone 4

Instead of following the design line that is present in current products, Apple will go back to the past, namely 2010 when it introduced the iPhone 4! The distinctive design of the model, which extended to the iPhone SE and now resembles that of the iPad Pro, could be back by 2020!

The rumor was raised by Ming-Chi Kuo, who has internal contacts at Apple. According to this analyst, iPhone 12 will have a significantly different design than iPhone 11, with more segmented faces.

We expect the new iPhone design of 2020 to change significantly. The metal bezel and 2.5D front and rear glass will still be used, but the metal bezel surface will change to a similar design to the iPhone 4, replacing the current design.

The iPhone 4 design by Jony Ive was the first smartphone to introduce the concept of an aluminum frame with square edges exposed between two reinforced glass panels – a design that has been copied over and over in the smartphone industry.

120 Hz screen with iPad ProMotion technology

While most devices are expected to jump to 90 Hz, the iPhone of 2020 should reach 120 Hz! This rumor begins to be raised through information gathered from suppliers and technology partners of the Cupertino company.

So the next generation of iPhones should use ProMotion technology, already present in iPad Pro. While the iPad has an LCD screen, the iPhone is expected to have an OLED screen. However, ProMotion technology will mainly be used to control the screen refresh rate.

Thus, the iPhone should have a screen running between 90 Hz and 120 Hz, depending on the task at hand. What’s more, proprietary technology can have the display running on two refresh frequencies at the same time, something the competition doesn’t yet have!

5G network support

The 5G can reach the iPhone already in 2020! The next generation is expected to debut the new generation of mobile networks on Apple smartphones, and indications are beginning to be passed on to vendors and partners.

The information is advanced by the Chinese press, which had contact with some of these companies and gathered information regarding the upcoming iPhone. Apparently, the terminal will have incorporated a Qualcomm 5G modem, the X55.

This all-important component is expected to be in-house development – especially after the purchase of Intel’s smartphone modem division – but it should not be ready by 2020. Thus, the Qualcomm modem will ‘collaborate’ with Apple’s own A14 Bionic chip.

Four rear cameras with the new “revolutionary” ToF camera

The predictions of the now-famous analyst were disclosed in a note to investors. Then Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that two of the iOS smartphones scheduled for 2020 will use an additional camera. Specifically, a Time of Flight, or ToF sensor to capture additional depth information.

Is Apple iPhone 12 your designation?

The name of Apple’s upcoming smartphone is still unknown. All sources indicate iPhone 12 as the most likely name, but wait for confirmation from Cupertino’s company!

As for the date of the presentation, it should be in September… As has been a tradition! Let’s wait for the news implemented in the new high-end, which will certainly aim to stand out from the Android competition.


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