Microsoft Just Announced The ‘All-New’ Windows 1.0 And The Internet Is Baffled

Microsoft is as much as some thing, and it is doubling down on the nostalgia issue. Hours ago, the tech giant deleted each unmarried publish from its Windows Instagram account, then published a video announcing the “all-new” Windows 1.Zero. Across both Instagram and Twitter, the corporation has additionally followed particularly 80’s-motivated slang terms in its responses to bewildered fans. It’s completely uncharacteristic and ridiculously fun to look at spread. One would not be crazy to wonder if Microsoft’s social media bills had been hacked.

The video in query opens with the modern-day Windows 10 logo and quickly travels lower back through time, flipping thru previous incarnations of the enduring Windows logo until touchdown at the authentic Windows 1.0 logo from 1985. The accompanying textual content reads “Introducing the all-new Windows 1.Zero, with MS-Dos Executive, Clock, and greater.

To say Microsoft is committing to this curious merchandising is an understatement. Beyond simply wiping every Instagram submit from existence, the company has modified its social media icons to that authentic Windows 1.Zero emblem, and its Twitter header seems like this:

It’s actually now not the proper 12 months for an anniversary birthday celebration — Windows 1.0 will flip 34 this November — so we are able to properly rule that out. Perhaps Microsoft is making ready to open source the antiquated working device, or introduce it as a standalone app within the Windows Store?

Given the timing, there is one other possibility. Season three of Netflix’ Stranger Things debuts this week (on July 4th), and takes area in 1985 — the identical year the conventional OS changed into launched. Is this an stimulated co-marketing campaign? With Stranger Things’ heavy dose of pop culture reference, I could envision product placement at the very least. Perhaps Windows 1.Zero is integrated heavily in sure scenes? After all, Mike and Dustin are pretty geeky. . .

Whatever the case, it’s type of a satisfying, nostalgic promoting and we ought to have our solutions soon.

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