What Does An Amazon Echo Dot Do

What Does An Amazon Echo Dot Do?

I think even the most tech-phobic person can agree that technology is pretty cool. We use it every day, whether we’re looking up directions or just reading the news online. Nowadays, you can’t go without being constantly connected to the internet through your phone. More recently, voice assistants have become a part of our daily lives as well. There are many devices to choose from now but one of them is definitely the Amazon Echo Dot.

What Does An Amazon Echo Dot Do?

The Amazon Echo Dot does pretty much everything that the Amazon Echo does with a few minor exceptions. I’ll just sum up its features briefly here but you can find them all in detail on Amazon’s page.

The Alexa Voice Assistant allows you to play music through any Bluetooth speaker you own, make calls, set alarms/reminders/ timers, ask almost any question imaginable, shop on Amazon, control smart home appliances, and even have a built-in night light. It’s pretty much like your own personal assistant.

What’s an Amazon Echo Dot?

The Amazon Echo Dot was designed by Amazon to be a smaller version of their original smart speaker called the “Amazon Echo” to compete with other companies’ similar products like Google Home and Apple’s Siri Speaker.

All three of these devices allow you to control smart home appliances, are always listening for your commands, have a personal assistant to answer questions or perform tasks for you, and much more! The Dot is now one of the most affordable voice assistants on the market.

How Do You Use The Amazon Echo Dot?

The device is set up using the Alexa App which can be downloaded onto any mobile or desktop device. From there you can connect it to any Bluetooth speaker of your choice so that you can stream music, news, etc.

There are tons of things to discover on Alexa but they’re mainly accessed through what is called “Skills” which is basically just apps for the Dot. There are countless skills available now for free or at an affordable cost.

For example, I have the Domino’s Pizza skill where I just ask Alexa how long my delivery will take and it will tell me. You can also connect Alexa to your Google Calendar, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, etc. with the app. And of course, this thing is always listening for your commands.

How Does The Amazon Echo Dot Work?

So what makes the Dot different from any other voice assistant on the market? It’s all in its size. Let’s be honest here, most people wouldn’t want an obnoxiously large device taking up space in their homes if they could help it.

That’s why I think the Dot is perfect because it takes up no more space than a hockey puck which you probably already have laying around since it doesn’t seem like anyone plays hockey anymore. 

It can easily be moved around as well, say if you wanted to take it with you on vacation. Just make sure your mobile device is still connected to the Alexa App and you can continue asking for things wherever you go!

What Are Some Pitfalls of the Amazon Echo Dot?

The major pitfall that I can see is that it’s always listening for commands (just like the normal Amazon Echo) which means it’s always “on.” If this bothers you, there are settings where you can turn off/dim the microphone so that it isn’t always listening but if that’s not enough then maybe having a voice assistant isn’t for you.

Also, just like any other voice assistant, its capabilities are limited by what third-party apps/skills might be available to use.

Is there a monthly fee for Echo Dot?

Since it is a voice-controlled device, you might find yourself wondering if there is a monthly fee for the use of Alexa. Unfortunately, there isn’t.

Is the Amazon Echo Dot water resistant?

No, the Amazon Echo Dot is not waterproof or water-resistant. Like any other electronic device, you should keep it away from water and sources of water to avoid damage.

How do you stop the Echo from listening?

The Alexa device will listen for a few seconds before it stops listening so that it can process your last command but this time limit can be adjusted in settings if you want an even shorter window.

Also, if someone gives a command while the earphones are plugged in then only those earphones will respond until they’re unplugged or when no more commands are being given after a certain period of time (usually 5-10 seconds).

You can also mute/unmute the microphone whenever you like by pressing down on either volume button for about 3 seconds.

What Are Some Tips for Using the Amazon Echo Dot?

Here are a few tips that might come in handy when you’re using your Alexa device: If you want to play music from apps other than Amazon then connect them to your Bluetooth speaker or stereo before opening them.

You can also use voice commands to do this by saying, “Alexa, pair.” Voice requests will only work if they’re made within earshot of the device. Try not to block its microphones with obstructions like cabinets/doors while giving commands because it may impact performance.

You can get more mileage out of battery life if you dim/turn off the lights when you’re not using them. If you want to track your voice requests for any reason then use the Alexa app because it tracks everything that you do on your Echo device whether it’s through voice or from a third-party app.

What Other Devices Work with the Amazon Echo Dot?

In case other devices didn’t come with the Alexa app then you can also download it on your mobile device. It’s compatible with iOS 8.0+ and/or Android 4.4+.

Some of the devices that work with the Echo Dot include thermostats, lights, switches, etc so if at least one of these things is something you’d want to control over voice then this might be a good investment for you!

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Have an Amazon Echo in Your Home? Get One For Each Room!

But why have just one when you can give each room its own voice-controlled assistant? The idea behind the Dots was to make them all affordable but there might be times when it doesn’t seem like such a great idea like if your cousin or grandparent or whoever is staying with you for a while.

If they’re not on your “good” list then it might be best to just buy the normal Echo because having multiple Dots in the same location will mean that they can all hear commands being given within earshot of where you are so keep that in mind when deciding if multiple Alexa devices would work for you.

Is Amazon Echo and Alexa the same thing?

This is one of the most common questions about Amazon Echo. The short answer here is no, Amazon Echo and Alexa are not the same things. While they share some similar features you obviously don’t have an Amazon Echo device that runs on Alexa, something that just doesn’t exist but sounds like it would be cool if only someone thought of it first.

How do I set up Echo Dot for the first time?

  • Plug in your Echo Dot device.
  • Download the Alexa app on your mobile device.
  • Open up your Alexa app and select “Get Started” or go to alexa.amazon.com.
  • Give your Echo Dot a name so you can recognize it.
  • Follow the instructions given in the Alexa app.

Why do people like Alexa so much?  

There are a lot of reasons why it’s becoming increasingly popular. People are loving the fact that they’re now able to control their devices by talking which is obviously less tiring than having to type commands.

But what some people love the most about Echo is its ability to answer random questions you may have so if there’s something you don’t know then it’s a good idea to ask Alexa.